Rev up, girls!

"The initial interviews are held in February at Gillette Stadium," says Rev Girl Kelsey Kneeland. "If you make it to the final round, you attend finals, which are composed of trivia, question-and-answer, and crowd-interaction components. The decision is made by local celebrity judges, and this year's event was held at The Greatest Bar Boston.” So who makes the cut? “I think that any kind of dance, cheer, modeling, or performing background is key!” says Kelsey. “Our main role at games is fan interaction, so it is important to be outgoing, friendly, and knowledgeable about the team." 



Support your local Rev Girls!

"Rev Girls has given me the opportunity to stay active and stay connected to an organization even after college," says Rev Girl Kelsey Kneeland. "The atmosphere at games is so positive and fun, and the passion of the die-hard fans has given me even more respect for professional athletes and their organizations. Come check out a Revs’ game! They are a lot of fun! The games are great for everyone, especially kids. We are always doing fun promotions like t-shirt giveaways or trivia at half time. Everyone should come down to Gillette and check out a game and say hi to the Rev Girls!" 

Performing Perks

"Performing on stage is a great way to build not only your experience but also your confidence in yourself!" says Rev Girl Kelsey Kneeland. "Having confidence in yourself is the first step to success at anything you do."




Cheerleader, MBA

Call it fate, but when Kelsey Kneeland was five years old, she would only wear white sneakers to her first few dance classes. Why commit to buying ballet slippers before she was sure the class would be a worthwhile investment? Even then, the tyke had a nose for business.

Turns out, she had feet made for dancing, too. Ballet, jazz, tap, modern — Kelsey studied them all at the Dance It Up studio in Grafton, Massachusetts, from first grade to high school graduation. But when she wasn't nailing pirouettes and pivot steps, she was honing her entrepreneurial skills. At summer camp, Kelsey launched Fluff 'N Stuff, her brand of hand-sewn pillows, which she sold to counselors and campers. Such résumé builders earned her admission to Babson College, where she majored in strategic management and, with her classmates, kicked off another company called One-Swipe, a special card-holder for student IDs.

Despite a head for spreadsheets, Kelsey is a performer at heart — on stage and off. This winter, she auditioned for a slot in the Rev Girls, the brand ambassadors and cheerleaders for the New England Revolution professional soccer team. Who makes the cut? Girls who excel at team trivia knowledge, overall appearance, crowd interaction, and group cheering. In true form, Kelsey researched the team stats, sized up her competition, and, of course, rocked a few killer moves. Along with being an entrepreneur, Kelsey is now a Rev Girl — and back to wearing white sneakers again.


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