Are you a winner?

When describing the universal appeal of his adventures, Cashunt's Chris Damianakos simply says, "It doesn't matter how old you are; everybody loves the power of play. The game is divided into six challenges: a 100-item photo scavenger hunt, a video scavenger hunt (for example, do a 15-second aerobics class with members of the public, start the biggest conga line with members of the public, etc.), a city trivia hunt, and various other games that are included in each hunt. So there is A LOT of game packed into 2 1/2 hours."

Tourism for residents

Ditch the fanny pack and become an atypical tourist. Cashunt's Chris Damianakos tells us that their scavenger hunts are "the ultimate alternative to the typical tour. It is different. It's exciting, funny, and without a doubt memorable. On top of that, you are creating a photo and video scrapbook that you receive at the end at no cost...we know people will be sharing those stories with those friends and family that look at them.

Boston Looooove

Planning a Boston vaca? Cashunt's Chris Damianakos says that "great sources for traveling into Boston on the Internet are places like TripAdvisor, the state visitors' website, etc. The best way is online because it is always up-to-date as opposed to a book that might not be. The great thing about Boston is that there is so much to do! It is a great city, and we have wonderful people...I always hear how nice Bostonians are from our out-of-state players. That's something for all of us to be proud of."

Hunting and Gatherering


FlipHunt? TwitDash? Are those names of fireworks? Dude, that is soooo two days ago. Actually, they're names of hunts. As in scavenger hunts. As in the hottest tourist activity to hit Beantown since the Freedom Trail. As in our man Chris Damianakos' company, Cashunt. 

Cashunt is a turbo-charged Amazing Race-style treasure hunt that propels players all over the city in search of hidden clues and sweet victory. Ranked as the second most popular tourist attraction in TripAdvisor, Cashunt is a cash cow. Not bad for a former wedding planner who stumbled upon the concept during a trip in Greece, where he encountered a tour group organizing a scavenger hunt. “I can do this,” Chris thought. “And a whole lot better than them.” Ka-ching. 

That was ten years ago, and — guess what? — he’s not ordering wedding cakes anymore. He’s planting a gold coin in a crevice on Tremont Street, stashing a picture underneath the arm of the Mayor Curley statue in Faneuil Hall, and gift-wrapping prizes for some lucky son-of-a-gun. Corporate trips, bachelor parties, birthdays, kid outings…the reasons for bringing a group together are endless. The benefits of bringing a group together are delightful. Players strategize, delegate, and improvise, practicing skills that can add major fringe benefits to a fun afternoon.  

It’s a level playing field, Chris says, a fun way to meet strangers (be prepared to ask more than one random passerby in a desperate plea for help), and an offbeat look at Boston’s sites for both tourists and residents. Best of all? The whole hunt is captured with photographs and video, so it sure has more staying power any Fourth of July fireworks show.