Traffic Control

“The best place to park for the Red Sox games is above us at the Lansdowne Street Garage,” says David Littlefield, owner of The Sausage Guy. “People sort of tailgate there and watch the crowd filter in, the parking is $35.00. Our line moves fast I promise!  The only way to beat the crowd is to beat them in. I suggest head to the Baseball Tavern early for some pre-gaming. They have a great roof deck with an amazing view of the park!

Pilrgim Parking, Inc.

Lansdowne Street Garage

47 Lansdowne Street

Boston, MA  02215

(617) 723-1488


The Baseball Tavern

1270 Boylston Street

Boston, MA  02215

(617) 867-6526

Savory Sausage

“There is one way to have the perfect sausage when you come see me. I always open face grill it and top it with caramelized peppers and onions,” says David Littlefield, owner of The Sausage Guy. “You also want to add some spice with hot sauce, of course!”

The Crowd Goes Wild!

“It is always exciting when the Park announces the score between innings,” says David Littlefield, owner of The Sausage Guy. “The noise drowns out the radio!  We never know the score, but we love those Sox fans!”

The Sausage Man's Secret

“I am who I am,” says David Littlefield, owner of The Sausage Guy. "I have a BLAST making great food anywhere!”

The Sausage Guy

Back when the Patriots played at Sullivan Stadium, David Littlefield had an idea. Chicken wings, yup, chicken wings sold to tailgaters in the stadium’s parking lot. He bought a trailer with a fryer, set up shop - and waited. Not a soul was interested. No quitter, David traded chicken for hot dogs and sausages, starts taking a cart around Boston, and eleven years ago, he finagles a spot to set up a sausage stand on Lansdowne Street, across from Fenway Park. The legend of  "The Sausage Guy" was born.

Maybe it’s the booming voice ("SAUUUUSAGES!!"), maybe the boyish grin, maybe the fifteen-hour day work ethic, Littlefield is now a staple around Fenway Park. Kids ask for his autographs, ballplayers give him a nod, and tourists take pictures with him. He counts Jerry Springer, Lenny Clark, Jasper White, and the Phantom Gourmet among his customers. He owns a fleet of sausage carts, runs the South Boston restaurant “Salsas,” and if the restaurants are closed, you can order his sausages online.

When he’s not serving up the swine, he’s home playing with his three little kids, Jett, Sawyer and Grace, and hanging in the yard with his wife Rosemary.

Then, there's his other family -- the Red Sox; He was in his spot in 2004 when the Sox reversed the curse, selling dogs and sausages to six-hundred passers by at lunch – and that evening – as the Red Sox won the world series in St. Louis, Littlefield was still next to Fenway, selling to passing celebrants, and celebrating himself – an experience he’ll never forget. So at the next game, stop by! Pick up a dog. Just don't call him Dave. He’s the sausage guy.

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